Business registration is a process of getting your new or existing business registered. By registering your business you will receive the certificate of registration so that in future your business is protected by the law and no one could copy your business brand.



1. Helps in funding
As your business is registered it will be easier for your company to collect funds.

2. Brand awareness
Business registration helps people to know about your business and its offering. It creates a brand name and value in the mind of the people.

3. Gain customer trust
If your business will be registered customers will tend to trust you more. As many frauds are happening.

4. Deduction in TAX
You will enjoy the TAX deduction by registering your business whereas if you are not registered you may not enjoy the benefits.

5. Limit your liability
If the business is not registered then you are liable for all the debts and losses personally. But when the business is registered then the company has its separate legal entity.

To better understand the importance of business registration let us understand with this example;
There was a person name Vinay he was selling the best quality sweet in the market and the name of his shop was Vinay’s sweets. Vinaysweets was the unregistered business but was functioning well. He even had customers from different parts of the country he was selling them the packaged sweets with the best quality and taste. The demand for his product was more than production. One day an entrepreneur Soham got to know about this and he registered a business name Vinay’s sweets and started selling sweets to the actual customers of the original Vinay. The quality and the taste of sweet was not as good as the original Vinay’s sweets. Vinay got to know about this and he filed a complaint about this. But we all know what will be the result. The Soham won as his company was legally registered.

Here we understand why business registration is important. Most of us don’t understand the value of it and some of us keep on postponing it. Understand one thing just because everything is well today not necessary everything will be good tomorrow so it is always good to be at a safer side.

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